Carina Kitir (*1989), an artist, designer, photographer and writer based in the gentle hills of the Weinviertel near Vienna, Austria, is renowned for her multidisciplinary approach to self-expression. With a discerning eye, she delves into details and how they come together to form a larger, cohesive picture. She creates compositions that embody simplicity with a touch of dreaminess. In 2022, she founded ‚Abertausend,‘ a place where she collects objects and intimately engages with various surroundings. 

Her artistic journey began in childhood, nurtured by a fascination for sculptures, spaces, stories, and objects of all kinds. This enduring passion infuses her work with a unique perspective. Carina is a graduate in Journalism and Communication Studies (University Vienna) and also holds a degree in Information Design (FH Joanneum).

Carina takes joy in contemplating the visual narratives that surround her, approaching each space with meticulous attention and an appreciation for its distinct character. In her art, she captures the essence of simplicity and explores the delicate balance between contrasts. She invites viewers to discover the enchanting details that shape her creative vision.



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