Things in this world—we use and own them, we choose them, we enjoy them, we buy them, collect them, and pass them on. Things, items, and objects are always around us. We possess more and more of them, but at the same time, the appreciation of things is decreasing. This book embarks on a journey of discovery and explores the space between things and humans. How can we appreciate things more, and what does this have to do with a conscious way of living? This book aims to rekindle the magic of everyday things and explore the hidden depths within the objects that surround us.

This book project delves into the design of everyday objects and our connection to them. It explores the intimate bonds we share with these items and revels in the joy of discovery. Within its pages, you’ll find cyanotypes of objects, capturing their outlines as shadows left behind. Each copy features a cyanotype rectangle on the front page, aging uniquely over time, adding a personalized touch to every edition.

Book Binding by maarble


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