As the winter days got colder,
my grandma and I would take the laundry to the attic to dry.
I loved seeing the fresh, white laundry there,
smelling so good against the dark, dusty space.
It was like a game of light and dark.

But in the summer of 2020, when the house
was empty and neither my grandma
nor the fresh laundry was there anymore,
I decided to hang something up again.
Something white, light, and bright.

So, I made sculpture 211 out of hundreds of cable ties.
Now, at least in my mind, it smells like fresh laundry again —

„211“ is a sculpture made of cable ties, arranged in a dark and dusty space, making its organic, soaring shape stand out even more.
The sculpture now resides with me in the attic, and I visit it from time to time.

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